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Drainage Agenda and Minutes

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Drainage Administration

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Drainage Deadlines 2017 & 2018


Current Drainage Agenda

August 15, 2017

Call to order by Auditor Kiepke at 7:00 P.M.

Roll Call

  • Appoint Board Members Larson, Edinger and Buchholz to a new 3 year term (all have agreed).
  • Accept nominations for Chairperson.
  • Accept nominations for Vice-Chairperson.
  • Approve the agenda.
  • Approve the minutes from the December 6, 2016 meeting.
  • Public comment and citizen complaints.
  • Millan Farms Partnership has made an application for a drainage permit. The locations of the drainage project are:

SE 1/4 EX the SE ¼ of Section 1, T103N, R61W, Beulah Township, Davison County.
NE ¼ EX the W 25 rods of the N 35 rods of Section 1, T103N, R 61W, Beulah  Township,  Davison County.

  1. Drainage project will drain 273 acres with buried tile; which will allow water to be filtered by soil before entering the tile therefore removing unwanted solids or fertilization/chemical residue leaving the discharge water much cleaner than source run-off after a rain event while making its way to Lake Mitchell.
  • Administrative Approval

Tim Storm
Shannon Larson
Wayne Gronseth

  • Miscellaneous items.
  • Set time and date for the next drainage meeting – September 26, 2017 @ 7:00 P.M.
  • Adjournment.
  1. .

Pending Applications & Supporting Documents: 
Past Minutes & Documents:

Drainage Packet 8-15-17
Drainage Board Unsigned Minutes-12-6-2016
Drainage Board Signed Minutes-10-18-2016
Drainage Board Signed Minutes-9-20-16
Drainage Board Signed Minutes-8-9-16
No July Meeting 7-19-2016
No June Meeting 6-21-2016
No May Meeting 5-17-2016
No April Meeting 4-19-2016
No March Meeting 3-15-2016
No February Meeting 2-16-2016
No January Meeting 1-19-2016
No December Meeting 12-15-2015
No November Meeting 11-17-2015

No October Meeting 10-20-15
No September Meeting 9-15-15
No August Meeting 8-18-15
No July Meeting 7-21-15
No June Meeting 6-16-15 

Drainage Board Signed Minutes-5-19-15
No April Meeting 4-23-15
Drainage Board Signed Minutes-3-24-15
No February Meeting 2-17-15
No January Meeting 1-20-15
No December Meeting 12-16-14
No November Meeting 11-18-14
Drainage Board Signed Minutes 10-29-14
No September Meeting 9-23-14
No August Meeting 8-19-14
Drainage Board Signed Minutes 7-15-14
No June Meeting 6-17-14
Drainage Board Signed Minutes 5-20-14
Drainage Board Signed Minutes 4-14-14
No March Meeting 3-17-14
Drainage Board Signed Minutes 2-19-14
Board Decision Letter to Glen Lowrie 2-19-14
No January Meeting 1-15-14
Drainage Board Minutes 2013
Drainage Board Minutes 2012
Drainage Board Minutes 2011


A New Drainage Ordinance was approved by the County Commissioners on August 27, 2013 with an effective date of September 24, 2013. Access the Ordinance, application, and a handy flow chart below:

Davison County Drainage Ordinance

Drainage Permit Application (Appendix A&B)

Drainage Flow Chart


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Phone:  (605) 995-8615 or (605) 995-8640
Fax:  (605) 995-8642
Email: Planning and Zoning Contact