June 19, 2024

Davison County Auditor


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Notice of Post Election Audit

2024 Primary Post Election Audit Results


Notice is hereby given, in accordance with SDCO 12-17B-21, that a Post Election Audit of the June 4th, 2024, Primary Election will be conducted on June 19th, 2024, in the Emergency Management conference room located at the Davison County Courthouse, 200 East 4th Avenue, Mitchell, SD.

The audit will begin at 9:00 a.m. and is open to the public.  The public is reminded that they shall keep a reasonable distance from the proceedings so as to not interfere with the audit process.

Questions concerning the Post Election Audit may be directed to the Davison County Auditor’s office at 605-995-8608.

Susan Kiepke

Davison County Auditor

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Susan Kiepke, Auditor

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (605) 995-8608
Fax: (605) 995-8618

Elected in 2006

Davison County Court House 1st Floor
200 East 4th Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301

Chief Deputy: Billy Lurken Office: (605) 995-8608
Email: [email protected] Fax: (605) 995-8618
Deputy: Jim Matthews Office: (605) 995-8608
Email: [email protected] Fax: (605) 995-8618
Deputy: Christy Norwick Office: (605) 995-8608
Email: [email protected] Fax: (605) 995-8618

Susan Kiepke, Auditor


  • 2007 to Present – Certified Auditor (South Dakota Association of County Officials)
  • 1987 – 1996 Deputy Auditor for Davison County


  • Attended Northern State College

Professional Organizations:

  • President of the South Dakota Association of County Officials
  • South Dakota Association of County Officials Executive Board Member
  • South Dakota Association of County Officials served on the Continuing Education Committee, Bylaws Committee, the Resolution’s Committee, and the Public Relations Committee
  • Chairperson of Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Chamber Ambassador
  • Southeast Central District of County Officials (Secretary)
  • National Association of County Recorders & Election Officials & Clerks

Other Organizations:

  • Rotary (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Mitchell Area Charity Foundation (Board Member)
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Vestry (Board Member)
  • Lifequest Board Secretary
  • Lifequest Foundation Board Member

Duties of Auditor

Responsible, and accountable, for the efficient coordination of human, physical and budgetary resources in the effective accomplishment of all department duties and responsibilities as prescribed by Code or as assumed by past practice and established tradition; including acting as official secretary to the County Commissioners; coordinating the verification, preparation, and payment of all claims against the County, and the maintenance of all records related thereto; maintaining County owned property and their real estate records, the coordination and preparation of the County master budget as developed from all taxing districts in the County, the direction, development, implementation and coordination of all data processing reports, needs and functions in the County, the coordination and directions of all voter registration and election procedures in the County; and the carrying out of various other duties and functions related to scope of responsibility, including special projects and the supervision of all subordinate staff and operations relating to described areas of responsibility.

Qualifications for the Office of County Auditor

  • Knowledge of public administration;
  • Knowledge of general accounting principles and procedures;
  • Knowledge of basic data processing principles and methods;
  • Knowledge of South Dakota Code relative to scope of responsibilities, including Election law, property and real estate law, budgetary, accounting and payroll requirements, election and voter registration requirements and regulations’ ability to supervise, motivate, train and instruct others; ability to tactfully and effectively communicate with others, either orally or in writing;
  • Knowledge of general office methods and procedures.

2022 Redistricting Ordinance

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Contact Info

emailDavison County
200 East Fourth Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301