April 20, 2024


SDCL 33-15-26 County Emergency Management Organizations, requires “Each organized county of this state shall establish a local organization and develop an emergency plan for emergency management in accordance with the state emergency management plan and program.” The Davison County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the coordination of the Davison County LEPC, which meets the second Wednesday of each month @ 10:30 A.M. in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Davison County Courthouse. The main purpose of the LEPC is to bring representatives together from various government, private, and non-profit agencies on a monthly basis; in an effort to address possible emergency situations. It is also an opportunity to form professional relationships among agencies to increase cooperation, coordination, and interactions that will be necessary during major incidents. The LEPC is also the lead on development of the Davison County 2021 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan, which addresses areas in the county that could be addressed to mitigate future damage.

A Table Top Exercise and a Full Scale Exercise is conducted each year. To see the After Action Report for the last Full Scale Exercise, click on 2021 AAR-IP-Davison County FSE-FLU POD-13 OCT 2020. You can also view the Master Scenario Events List @ 2021 MSEL-Davison County FSE-FLU POD-13 OCT 2020. Members of the Committee are appointed by the Davison County Board of Commissioners and include: elected state and local officials, Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Public Health Professionals, Environmental Personnel, Hospital and Transportation Officials, Volunteer Agencies, Facility Representatives, Community Groups, Military and the Media. For contact information, please see the LEPC Roster.

Agendas, attachments, and minutes for current and past LEPC Meetings can be found below: