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Weed Department


Warren Carter

Warren Carter

Weed Department


Office 1 Phone: (605) 995-8625
Office 2 Phone: (605) 995-8826
Cell Phone: (605) 999-2522
Fax: (605) 995-8624

 Mailing Address:
Davison County Highway Department
1224 West 5th Avenue
Mitchell, SD  57301

Warren Carter began employment with the Davison County Highway Department on December 9, 2009. Warren was hired as the Weed Supervisor on January 6, 2015. This position will be 50% with the Highway Department and 50% with the Weed Department. Warren acquired his Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in 2005. He recently received his Commercial Applicator Spray License and his Pesticide Dealer License.

Office Hours

7:00 am to 5:30 pm (summer – Memorial Day to Labor Day)
7:30 am to 4:00 pm (winter – Labor Day to Memorial Day)

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List of state and local noxious weeds



The Weed Department is responsible for weed control on all county properties located outside the corporate limits of any municipalities. The Weed Department maintains the appropriate weed control equipment and chemicals. The Supervisor also maintains records of weed and pest infestations, as well as control measures taken. The Weed Supervisor obtains bids for appropriate chemicals and equipment for weed control.

The Weed Department controls weeds on township and railroad property when such entities request it. The Weed Department also bills out all work done for other entities to the appropriate entity on a timely basis. The Supervisor is responsible to take the appropriate measures to control nuisance weeds on private property in accordance with state statute. He is also responsible for the record keeping and appropriate billing.

The Supervisor prepares publications and interviews for additional personnel for weed spraying during peak season.


Brian Bode December 31, 2018 (President)
Ray Hanson: December 31, 2019
Wayne Lyons December 31, 2016 (Vice-President)
Steve Roth December 31, 2016
Brenda Bode Appointed Yearly as County Commissioner Representative


Township Weed Board Members:

Joe Brtna Badger Twp
Lyle Reimnitz Baker Twp
Steve Deurmier Beulah Twp
Rod Muhs Blendon Twp
Larry Olsen Lisbon Twp
Ron Baker Mt Vernon Twp
Wayne Lyons Perry Twp
Wade Strand Prosper Twp
Ila Rumbolz Rome Twp
Ray Hanson Tobin Twp
Gerald Welch Union Twp


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emailDavison County Weed Department
1224 West 5th Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301


Phone: 605-995-8625
2nd Line: 605-995-8626
Fax: 605-995-8624