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Highway Department

Highway Shop


The Davison County Highway Department is dedicated to the safety of citizens and the traveling public; maintaining the roads and bridges in the county.



Rusty Weinberg-Superintendent


Phone: (605) 995-8625
Fax: (605) 995-8624

Mailing Address:
1224 West 5th Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301

Office Hours:   Mon-Fri: 8:00-5:00

Shop Hours:   Mon-Thu: 7:00-5:30



Responsible for the coordination of the maintenance of the Davison County Highway system. Functions as project coordinator on gravel, bridge, and right-of-way projects as well as other necessary jobs and activities. The highway department may be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Maintenance and snow removal will be provided by the Davison County Highway shop for all township roads except for those located in Prosper, Rome and Tobin. Any problems with the roads in those townships should be directed to the Township Chairman. To find out who your chairman is, click on Township Board Members.

Employment Opportunities

The Davison County Highway Department is accepting applications for an Equipment Operator. The positions will require that the applicant have a valid South Dakota driver’s license, along with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Knowledge and experience with heavy equipment preferred.

Applications are available at the Davison County Highway Department at 1224 West 5th Avenue, Mitchell, S.D. Closing date will be upon filling the position.

Davison County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Application

Equipment Operator Job Description

Current County Road Closures: 

  • 407th Avenue at the intersection of 251st Street
  • 406th Avenue between 259th and 260th Street
  • 411th Avenue between 258th and 259th Street
  • 401st Avenue between 259th and 260th Street
  • 397th Avenue between 258th and 259th Street
  • 253rd Street between 403rd and 404th Avenue
  • 267th Street between 410th and 411th Avenue
  • 245th Street between 410th and 411th Avenue (open, but water over the road)
  • Sanborn St. 8th-14th
  • MV and Plankinton overpass deck replacement
  • Starting on 7/21/20 407th avenue will be closed from 250th to 252nd St due to culvert replacement. Road will only be open to local traffic and the project is expected to take up to 2 weeks.

All damage must be reported on the Damage Assessment Site Worksheet-Roads and Culverts

To access a video on how to complete the form, click on PDA Video Link

To access the 2-27-2018 Township Board Member Presentation, click on Township Presentation-Highway & Weed Department

Davison County conducted a Master Transportation plan. To find out more, click the link below:

2020 Highway Bids

Road Closures/Highway Construction Projects for 2020. For full description click below

  • Blacktop Mat Overlay-May to June
  • Chipseal-July 1st to August 1st
  • Gravel Roads-July to August
  • Patching Roads-June to August
  • Crack Sealing-March to April (weather dependent)
  • Bridge Repair-March to November (weather dependent)

Due to the two disasters that Davison County encountered in 2019 there was significant damage to larger structures including culverts and bridges. At this point we are working to assess the damage and prioritize. The work that needs to be done to a bridge is extensive and takes months for each process from bore testing, hydraulic studies and the design phase. Below you will find a map of our 10 structures the county is planning on repairing or replacing in the coming years. They are numbered with one being the highest priority.

*for a video on how our projects are done click below

The Davison County Highway would like to thank the public for their cooperation and patience while construction, paving projects, crack sealing and gravel projects are being completed. Thank you Rusty Weinberg, Superintendent

Road Load Limits

Davison County Load limits are no longer in effect. For full description click below:

Special Spring Overweight or Oversize Permits can be downloaded below

Regular Overweight or Oversize Permits can be downloaded below


Overwidth-Annual $75.00
Overwidth-3 day Trip $50.00
Overweight-Annual $300.00
Overweight-3 Day Trip $150.00

* Permits must be approved and signed by the Davison County Highway Superintendent before the permit is legal.

Private Land Driveway Approach Applications can be downloaded below


Snow Removal Policy

Davison County Snow Removal Procedure


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