June 19, 2024

Recording of Real Estate Documents

The Register of Deeds is the centralized keeper of real estate documents for the county including the municipalities which transfer title and most instruments affecting the title.

The recording process is an official method for documenting time and date in which an instrument is placed in to the public record.  An example of some of the documents the Register of Deeds’ office records are deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, easements, covenants, plats, contract for deeds and assignments.

This vital function is the titles and history to every piece of ground in the county. The Register of Deeds is required to keep most of these records into perpetuity or forever. We have land records dating back to the late 1800s.

The Register of Deeds, however, does not give any opinions as to where a lot line is or the marketability of real estate titles. The Register of Deeds and staff cannot help you complete documents or forms or give legal advice of any type.

If you have questions about completing forms or the proper method of transferring property, you should consult an attorney. Some commonly asked questions are:

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