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License Renewals are due for H/I/O by May 31st

Davison County Courthouse & offices will be CLOSED on May 30th in honor of Memorial Day.

Request for Marriage License

If you are 18 or older

  • Both parties need to be here at the same time to sign in our presence.
  • Proof of age must be determined by showing a driver’s license, certified copy of a birth certificate or any photographic identification which includes the applicant’s name and birth date. Please bring with you one of these forms of identification. Your Social Security Number will be required on this form so please be sure you know your number.
  • The application is only good for 20 days, therefore, you may obtain your license on a Friday and get married the next day or that very same day if you wish. However, you cannot get your license in July and then get married in September.
  • A license may be purchased in any county in the State of South Dakota and the marriage solemnized in any county in the State of South Dakota. (What this means is you do not have to purchase the license in the county you are having the ceremony in, but you do have to purchase the license and solemnize the marriage all in the State of South Dakota.)
  •  If you are planning to get married outside the state of South Dakota, you will need to get your license from that State.
  • The cost of the license is $40.00. We do not take checks for this service but will take cash or debit/credit cards. (convenience fee of $2.50 applies when using debit or credit cards.)
  • There are Marriage License Application Forms that may be filled out before coming to the courthouse to speed up the process.  (Not mandatory)

If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 all requirements above apply as well as the followng:

  • You must have a parent or guardian’s written notarized consent. The parent can either come with the parties upon getting the license or a form is available at this website under “Parental Marriage Consent Form”.
  • This form would need to be filled out and signed by the parent or guardian of the under-age party IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC. Once it is filled out and signed, please bring it along with you to get your license.

Solemnization of Marriage in Courthouse

The Clerk of Courts Office may solemnize a marriage by appointment only.  Please call the Clerk of Courts to set up a time if you wish to get married in the courthouse once you have received a marriage license.

Phone:  605-995-8105
Cost to Solemnize the Marriage:   $20.00


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